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   We will add a new lesson each week from unboxing to sewing, piecing, cutting and assembling the finished quilt.  Let's get started!

In session 2, we continue the process of assembling the half square triangle fabrics together and then sewing with the papers to create very accurate half square blocks!

Session 3 demonstrates cutting apart the blocks and some tools and tips to cut accurately and quickly when working with paper templates.  In addition, some guidelines are shown when removing the papers.

In Session #4, you will see some tips on sewing the blocks together and arranging colors in a pleasing way.  The following session #5 is a follow up with some pressing tips!

Some great pressing tips!

In this video you will see how the quilt is laid out and the different ways to work with the layout.  Also included is some of the tricks to working with different layouts and sewing the quilt together

The final video in this series shows a technique on binding the quilt accurately and creating a beautiful finished quilt!

The musical introduction for videos is "A Jazz Piano" by Oleg Kirilkov